Kailyn was such an incredible math tutor! She tutored me for about 5 months on a weekly basis. Kailyn is so kind, patient, and has a way of explaining concepts that I’ve never understood. She is so smart, and I would have never passed my math class without her help. Her online tutoring style gives her the flexibility to meet around any sort of  scheduling.  I’ve struggled in math my entire life, having about 7 different tutors and Kailyn is for sure the best. I would HIGHLY recommend Kailyn to anyone looking for tutoring, and if I’m in a math class again I will for sure be using her services in the future! – Georgia S.

I was lucky to receive Kailyn’s support in the early days of my first year at university. When I arrived for my first tutoring session, years of high school math were feeling pretty foggy and I expressed a genuine fear that my math skills were not up to the academic challenges that lay ahead. Kailyn’s tutoring bypassed my math anxiety and reminded me that math can make sense! I was so grateful to have her as part of my academic support system and only wish our paths had crossed sooner. – Maya H. L.

Kailyn’s tutoring style is incredibly individualized, patient and encouraging.  She makes space for questions and curiosity, while managing to keep you to task on the goals you’ve set for yourself.  I struggle with math anxiety and have always been surprised by what concepts I have been able to grasp or become confident with after working with Kailyn.  She is an earnest, fun and dedicated teacher. – Charlotte S.

In my first year at University of Victoria I was struggling with Introduction to Calculus and Kailyn was very helpful in getting me through the course. When I was struggling I would send her the problem or concept I was stuck on and she and I would coordinate a time to video chat. We would then work through the problem step-by-step and continue practicing until I felt solid that I fully understood. She was very thorough in her assistance and always ensured that I really understood what I was doing when we were done! – M. P.

Kailyn Pritchard is a phenomenal educator. She is passionate, and knowledgeable, and organized, and it was my privilege to work alongside her for a number of years. I was constantly impressed by her capacity to go above and beyond, without ever fully comprehending how much that extra effort contributed to the learning of both her students and her peers alike. – Jacob R.